Goal Setting Workshop

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How many times have you gotten really motivated in January to plan out your goals for the year, and then feel like all of that momentum and fire just slowly dies out as the year goes on... or maybe you have set your goals but feel a sense of discomfort or uncertainty in how you're actually going to execute on them. 

There are a handful of quick things you can do when it comes to planning out your goals that are the make or break between seeing them through or not. If you’re ready to take your goals seriously this year, then you are going to love this goal setting workshop.

What's included + Content

➡ 2 hours of video lessons (including mindset tools, activities + lots more)

➡ Complimentary eBook with activities + bonus material to use after the course

➡ Life long access to the material

➡ Watch & Learn whenever suits you


Module 1: Identify what your current goals are and connect with the biggest one you have the most self-doubt/fear/uncertainty towards

Module 2: Understand how to ensure your goals are aligned for you;

Module 3-4: Create a clear path on how to achieve your goal, from your mindset to practical steps + Identify if you currently hold any fear, self-doubt or overwhelm in your ability or trajectory in being able to see your goals through & learn to disarm them + Identify and map out who you will grow into to achieve your goals, making it a clear roadmap + Critically deconstruct your current routine & habits to curate a lifestyle that will support your goal;

Module 5: Looking at what your ideal balance is and factoring in how we can maintain it as we dive deep towards our goals (so not to get burned out along the way);

Module 6: Plan out how to maintain movement towards your goal so you are taking small steps regularly + Learn how to utilise micro-goal setting to your advantage; and

Module 7: Walk away with a plan on how to maintain and check in with your goals (including how to edit/change/delete them if your life takes unexpected turns). 

PLUS +Bonus content at the end of the eBook for you to use beyond the workshop.

If this is the year you're going to make it happen, this course will give you the perfect momentum, mindset and balanced approach to get you there. Can’t wait to see you in the workshop and make sure you hit your goals this year. 

Once you pay & confirm above, a link to the "Courses" tab will be sent to your inbox, where you will have online access to all of the modules and downloadable eBook. You can create a customer account before check out if you prefer. 

Is this course for you?

Are you ready to make this year your year? If you're sick of setting and forgetting your goals, or feeling like you have no idea where to start to achieve them, then you have come to the right place!

Or maybe you've set your goals but feel a bit of self-doubt or overwhelm when you think about how you will get there ... I have BEEN THERE! It's time to get some clarity and smash your goals.

I'd be honoured to be a part of your goal setting journey this year and see you make this year yours.

See you in the workshop Balancer!

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