The Balance Theory Podcast

We're here to inspire you to redefine life balance, so that you finally have a practical and sustainable way to achieve it - let us show you how.

  • Kelsey Wells

    In conversation about self love, building trust with ourselves, opening up the conversation about mental health + the formula for motivation.

  • Louisa Nicola

    In conversation with the head performance advisor & CEO of NeuroAthletics about how to optimise mental performance through science and data.

  • KIC Founders

    In conversation with Steph Claire Smith & Laura Henshaw (Keep It Cleaner) on all things self doubt, limiting beliefs & dealing with negativity.

  • Melissa Ambrosini

    In conversation with host of The Melissa Ambrosini Show about conscious conception & how to have an empowered birth.

  • Jessica Sepel

    In conversation with clinical nutritionist, best-selling author & founder of JS Health, about the food relationship, meaning of "healthiness" & setting boundaries.

  • Rachael Finch

    In conversation about staying on top of your priorities, approaching our self care & health like we would any other important appointment and 'bio-individuality' 

  • Nat Kringoudis

    In conversation with natural fertility expert, speaker & author on female hormones, menstrual cycle seasons & fertility health beyond reproduction.

  • Sarah Davidson

    In conversation with Seize The Yay podcast host about being curious about our happiness, breaking the autopilot circuit & finding PLAY in life.

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For busy bees who know there must be a better way to balance work & life.

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About our host

Erika De Pellegrin is a loyal, hardworking individual who loves new challenges & experiencing the many treasures in this world. What she does is a mix of what she enjoys - working as a lawyer in the Web 3 space, co-founder of ecommerce fitness brand ES FIT & host of this podcast!

She'd often get asked how is it that she 'balanced' everything on the work front, still make it to the gym each day AND have a social life!?

The answer is not that she's crazy (well, depends who you ask), rather that she feels she has truly understood and gotten to the essence of what life balance means - and now her mission is to share that with you all.

It was only once she stopped striving for *queue-buzz-word* 'work-life balance', that she was able to step back & find a definition that suited her.

If you're ready to stop feeling guilty for how you spend your time then you're in the right place.

It is truly is a privilege to have you sharing your self growth journey with us and the other Balancers.

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  • "One of my favorite podcasts!"

    Erika does such an amazing job at addressing relatable and interesting topics with the goal of living a life that is in alignment with the things that make us show up to everything we do as a better version of ourselves. This podcasts always grounds me in my non-negotiables all while making me question how some of my current systems/routines and perspectives can be better. HIGHLY recommend!

  • "Wish I found this podcast sooner!"

    This podcast is chocked full of helpful (and practical) , tips and advice that you can apply to your daily life. I genuinely never miss an episode and wish I had found this when I was back in corporate land. As an entrepreneur and creator it’s an equally valuable listen and has genuinely helped me improve my balance and avoid burnout.

  • "Great place for women to educate themselves and feel seen"

    Erika does a beautiful job of sharing open and vulnerable stories of life and how this crazy balance of health, career and passions all come together. A GREAT listen for any young women looking to be inspired and uplifted! Would strongly recommend adding to your weekly listens.

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